Executive Summary

Statics show businesses offering free Wi-Fi keeps customers at ease and likely increase customer stratifications while waiting for seats. After switching to BEC 6300VNL Router, AmerAsia is able to use VPN and UPS backup to maintain a safe and reliable network access. With the faster Wi-Fi accesses and connections from the 6300VNL router, AmerAsia has noticed an increase in higher customer satisfaction.

The Customer

AmerAsia, a Chinese cuisine restaurant was crowned by Yahoo! As the best Chinese restaurant in Kentucky offers authentic and America Chinese food with desired of spice levels and provides various mixes of craft beers and rotating taps differentiate it from other Chinese restaurants in the area. Ancient Chinese kung fu movies and US Football/basketball game play on TV screens, Jackie Chan and other movie posters on walls create fun and relaxing atmosphere to dine in.


Restaurant business is a risky venture as it cannot depend on repeat customers but always look for ways to promote business in order to generate stable revenue streams with low-cost, high returns marketing investment. Providing free Wi-Fi is no longer an add-on service but an inexpensive and essential tool to promote business by attracting new customers and keep new/repeat customers entertained. Power outage in a restaurant is detrimental and can result in thousands of dollars of lost in revenue and often time can turn from a happy customer to angry or frustrated one. Retrieving / reviewing sales data from PoS remotely can be vulnerable to malicious attack. AmerAsia decided to volunteer to take part in testing the features needed for the business.

How BEC Product Helped

After switching to BEC 6300VNL Router, AmerAsia is able to provide their customers a High speed, secure and reliable Wi-Fi network. And Because of the high-quality Wi-Fi network, more customers are willing to wait a little longer during the packed lunch and dinner hours. AmerAsia also encourages their customer to use the high-quality Wi-Fi network in the restaurant to expressing thoughts and write reviews online as part of their business promotion. On the other hand, Getting a power backup to keep Internet connection remains for hours, which allows the employer to save, download, or review PoS data locally or remotely via VPN to protect privacy and security by encrypting all of the traffic to prevent an attack.


AmerAsia has experienced fewer customers complaints about slow and frequent Wi-Fi connection drops from the previous router and is satisfied with the Wi-Fi quality, speed and overall performance with BEC 6300VNL. There were few brownouts happened during the trial period, the power backup feature was able to maintain Internet connection until power back online. No need to worry about PC being compromised via Teamviewer, IPSec VPN ensures all data from PoS system are encrypted and secured.


Building another customer relationship and earning customer’s trust with features of BEC 6300VNL is capability. BEC’s product solution is designed to provide the customer with most flexible, rich features to maximum investment return and satisfy customer demands.

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