High-Power, Extended-Range Wi-Fi

Wireless Broadband Solutions Designed for Outdoor Areas

Today people are not only expecting great Wi-Fi service, but requiring it where they stay. BEC Technologies offers high-power, high-speed, and high capacity wireless broadband solutions for outdoor areas to satisfy end-users’ needs. Our outdoor Wi-Fi broadband solutions are specifically designed to meet the latest standards and enable network perators to offer new business services and use cases, such as IoT convergence or real-time applications.

Ideal Applications: 

  • Campground Wi-Fi Broadband
  • RV / Trailer Park Wi-Fi Broadband
  • Marina Wi-Fi Service
  • Long-range High-Power Outdoor Wi-Fi Service
  • Last-mile Fiber Extension to Out of Coverage areas
  • Industrial-grade Wireless Network Solutions for Warehouses, Scrap Yards, Construction sites, and Sporting Venues

Featured Products:

RidgeWave® 5GHz Base Station



RidgeWave® 5GHz Sector Antenna

BEC S518


RidgeWave® 5GHz Subscriber Unit



Cloud Device Management Platform



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High-speed, High-capacity, and Maximum-rang Wi-Fi Hotspot

BEC’s 4700 Series is integrated with the latest generation of Mobile Wireless and Wi-Fi technologies. It provides Carrier Grade dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless connectivity for Wi-Fi enabled devices – indoor or outdoor. From smart TV, thermostat, gaming console, surveillance camera to livestock sensor, the device can intelligently manage all over-the-air connections with one single router. The rugged design is purposely built to perform in the harsh environment. With BECentral® Management, control over the cloud easily simplified the deployment.

The 4700 Series’s highlight features:

  • Easy Installation
    Lightweight and under 5lbs, can be mounted directly to ceilings, walls, poles or truss with included kit
  • Powerful 4×4 MIMO
    Supporting the latest generation of 802.11AC Wave 2 technology for unprecedented Wi-Fi coverage and performance in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radio bands.
  • Gigabit Power over Ethernet
    Dual Gigabit Interfaces, PoE powered by any 802.3at compliant switch or the included 48V PoE Injector
  • Built to Last
    IP-68 rated enclosure to withstand dirt, harmful ingress of water, humidity with an extended operating temperature range from -40 to +65°C
  • Cloud Managed by BECentral®
    To speed up deployment, simplify administration, extend network visibility and control of devices remotely. Also Capable of performing the FCC-mandated speed and latency tests. 

Utilizing 5GHz to Establish Wireless Network with High Power and Extended Range

Fixed wireless for last-mile access is a cost-efficient broadband service designed to provide internet service to rural remote areas. Utilizing 5GHz with the BEC’s 4700 base station and AC867 subscriber devices to establish a high power and extended range wireless network, Thus, to meet end-users’ demands for rich immersive broadband experiences. This solution can help operators to extend the coverage and improve service to your customers at a fraction of the cost of existing fiber-to-the-premises solutions.

The Solution highlights:

  • High-capacity and high-speed up to 1 Gbps data rate
  • Reliable last-mile broadband wireless access, extending the wireless signal beyond the reach of typical wireless routers and access points
  • Environmentally robust and built to last
  • Managed by BECentral® Cloud device management platform
  • Capable of performing the FCC-mandated speed and latency tests
  • Cost-effective and rapidly deployable for fast ROI

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