About BEC Technologies, Inc.

BEC Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of next-generation wired & wireless IP networking solutions for mobile operators, residential, enterprise, and Industrial markets. BEC’s comprehensive product portfolio of solutions incorporate xDSL, FTTH, 3G, 4G/LTE, Fixed Data Routers, VoIP/VoLTE Gateways, Rugged Outdoor, Industrial/M2M Connectivity, Public Safety, Fleet/Telematics and Cloud-based remote device management. Our solutions are designed for high availability, reliability and secure connectivity all backed up with class-leading technical service and support.

BEC's core cross-platform features and technologies include:

Wired: Multi-WAN critical connectivity, xDSL Multi-pair Bonding, Gigabit Ethernet, Multiple IP services integration, Smart Home Control and VoIP.

Wireless: 4G/LTE Cellular & RF integration, VoIP over LTE, MIMO & high gain antenna technology, Multi-APN, LTE QoS, Bearer Management, Signal Enhancement, Industrial & M2M connectivity, UE Management & Remote Monitoring System.


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