BEC Ultimum® Series All-In-One Residential Gateways

For carriers that accept Connect America Fund (CAF ) Phase II and other eligible telecommunications carriers (ETCs) support recipients, BEC can help you to achieve and maintain compliance with FCC-mandated broadband speed and latency performance requirements! 


Calix Certified Compatible Widely Deployed Globally


Ultimate Residential Gateway with 802.11ac


Multi-Service xDSL Router with 11AC - 1600Mbps


Multi-Service xDSL Router with 11AC - 2400Mbps

Explore Other Carrier Features

Flexible Multi-WAN Deployment

  • All in one gateway utilizing multiple WAN interfaces enabling the highest availability across for all major broadband technologies including ADSL2+, VDSL2, xDSL bonding, FTTH, and 4G/LTE

Superior xDSL Pair Bonded Performance

  • SNR Margin equalization across pairs (the weakest line will benefit from the excess margin on the stronger line)
  • Dynamic Traffic Repartitioning in the advent of LOL (Loss of Link) – Line disconnects will not cause service interruption

Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi with BEC Power Boost

  • Delivering output power up to 850mW with 3 x 3 High-Gain Dual Band Antennas
  • BEC’s Wi-Fi Power Boost technology maximizes the wireless performance by providing extended coverage, greater capacity and higher data rates at greater distances. Eliminate Dead Zones!

Wireless AP Interference Analyzer

  • To assist with determining Wi-Fi issues, BEC has implemented a wireless analyzer tool to help analyze and troubleshoot common Wi-Fi issues
  • Quickly identify channel conflicts, signal levels, frequencies and a host of Wi-Fi/RF details to improve connection speed and network performance
Self-Monitoring and Failure Notification
  • Automatically monitoring the connections and send out email notification in the event of connectivity failures.

Wi-Fi Congestion Mitigation

Automatic relieve Wi-Fi congestion and overcrowding in 2.4Ghz frequency range by automatic steering dual-band capable clients to the 5Ghz frequency; effectively maximizing the performance of clients with the latest technology and improving overall connection quality in both bands

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