BEC 6900 4G/LTE Outdoor Router features high-bandwidth and secured outdoor LTE CPE capable of delivering an excellent transmission quality in the harshest, extremely challenging rural environments.

Executive Summary

Telefónica, a global leading telecommunication company, intended to build an internet network to the jungle-like environment of Peru rural area by deploying BEC 6900 4G/LTE Outdoor Router. Local communities needed high-speed internet connection from a durable router that resists with heavy rain and humidity, provide wide service coverage and flexible deployment throughout the difficult terrains. Nearly a thousand units were installed at local schools, hospitals, emergency medical stations and police stations in Amazon jungle of Southern America to serve local communities an everlasting uninterrupted, robust and secured internet network.

The Customer

Telefónica, a Spanish multinational broadband and telecommunications provider operating globally.


Due to the geography challenge, network infrastructure of Peru is concentrated around cities along the coast. Internet connection in mountainous and jungle areas of Peru is a significant challenge. The local communities urged to install a reliable 4G/LTE outdoor router which can withstand high rainfall intensity with dramatic temperature changes between day and night and support solid mounting for different pole diameter. They also required broad-range radius network to cover the connectivity gap between the base station and local area.

How BEC Product Helped

To deal with this situation, Telefónica chose to team up with BEC by deploying BEC 6900 4G/LTE outdoor router. The rugged, compact IP-67 rated enclosure enables it to stand up to dirt, harmful ingress of water, humidity and extreme temperatures for years of dependable operation. Also, it features direct dual-polarization MIMO antenna technology supporting multiple LTE frequency bands with data rate up to 100Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink to optimize antenna design per band and maximize bandwidth service coverage. BEC 6900 4G/LTE outdoor router delivers powerful VPN including IPSec, PPTP, L2TP and GRE for secured private data encryption over the public internet. With its lightweight, compact and unobtrusive design, BEC 6900 4G/LTE outdoor router can be flexibly positioned on any pole size with mounting kit.


Students, teachers, police officers, fire and ambulance dispatchers, doctors and nurses can enjoy robustly and secured data transmission in real time 24/7 from all points around the area. BEC 6900 4G/LTE Outdoor Wideband Router has revolutionized the wireless landscape in the jungle-like environment through strategic partnership with Telefónica.


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