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BEC Outdoor Router supports Bands 42/43/48

BEC Outdoor Router

Deploy Bands 42/43/48 Today!

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Supporting Devices

BEC offers high-performance CBRS CPE solutions in both indoor and outdoor form factors delivering increased capacity, higher throughput and extended coverage. BEC’s CBRS solutions support LTE Bands 42, 42 and 48, LTE Category 6 or 12, 4X4 MIMO Antenna technology and Carrier Aggregation- specifically 2CA DL for LTE Category 6 models and 3CA DL/2CA UL for LTE Category 12 models.

Service providers have the ultimate flexibility in deploying Band 42 or 43 today and 48 when commercially available as well as multiple CPE options for appropriate selection based on need, service offering or network deployment topology.

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