Customer Success Story: 3 Network Providers Benefit from BEC’s 4G LTE Routers

High Quality and Performance of BEC’s 4G LTE Routers

BEC 6200WZL is a high capacity residential and business broadband router that leverages the latest 4G/LTE technology as its primary fixed broadband connection. It incorporates BEC’s unique SX-7 antenna gain technology to increase and stabilize mobile data coverage. Please hear from three operators below, who have experienced the high performance and quality of BEC’s 6200WZL 4G/LTE Residential Router.

Three Network Providers’ choice


people_logoPeople’s Telephone Cooperative of Quitman, Texas offers fixed LTE broadband services to customers across northeast Texas. During their initial rollout of services, Peoples Telephone began to notice network instability resulting from their original LTE CPE. They began testing multiple CPE vendors to find a solution that would be most stable for their B17 spectrum. After side-by-side tests, Peoples Telephone chose the BEC 6200WZL Mobile Wireless Router as the CPE to move forward with field trials. Upon testing the 6200WZL, Peoples Telephone noticed increased stability, extended range and increased performance. Peoples Telephone has been able use the 6200WZL as a standalone unit in many locations once thought to need external Yagi Antenna’s for quality installation.

cirrinity_logoCirrinity Wireless of Wisconsin provides reliable wireless broadband services to their local communities in Wittenburg and Niagara WI. Both local companies have been using BEC 6200WZL mobile wireless router for the fixed wireless services. They found the performance on the 6200WZL is great. BEC 6200WZL stays up better and have very few problems compared to the other product. In addition, the ability to identify the cell tower connected and status reports through the web GUI in the 6200WZL was very helpful for their troubleshooting & installation processes.

nortex_logoNortex Communications of Muenster, TX offers wireless fixed broadband services to customers that are out of reach by traditional DSL broadband. They were looking for products with extensive coverage that could help minimize the installation of external antennas. During the side-by-side bench mark tests with several LTE CPEs they discovered that BEC 6200WZL outperformed other products in both signal strength and available bandwidth. Nortex Communications is in the process of deploying BEC 6200WZL in several remote locations to improve quality of services for their customers.

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