BEC In-Vehicle Solution and Fleet Management

­­GPS Tracking Vehicle and Fleet Management

According to Aberdeen Group’s Field Service 2012: GPS and Fleet Management, companies are increasingly embracing the GPS tracking technology and Fleet Management service to ensure the highest levels productivity and services, and enhance safety and operations.BEC_In-Vehicle_Diagram

BEC GPS Tracking and Fleet Management service integrated fully in the BECloud® empower operators/providers not only to maximize fleet efficiencies & performance and meet customer’s expectations, but also monitor and manage the BEC MXConnect 4G/LTE Series device over a secure wireless (cellular) connection. This value-added service provides a seamless connection between drivers and dispatchers for delivery information exchange in real-time to minimize delivery errors. This management system also tracks fuel consumption, miles driven, engine fault codes, and more to reduce unnecessary costs; measures driver’s behaviors; and proactively monitors vehicle fleet maintenance to improve driver and traffic safety.

With BEC Fleet Management, Providers/Operators can gain the benefits of:


Key Features include:

  • Fuel Consumption, trip details summary, video streaming, notification of engine diagnostic/fault codes, and GPS Mapping
  • Enabling of in-vehicle high-speed data, voice and video communication between the fleet and control center
  • Detailed fleet trip reporting with display of start and stop times and locations from a particular date or date range
  • Automated e-mail alerts for unauthorized vehicle use, speeding, or excess idling
  • Advanced vehicle operation and diagnostic information
  • Advanced analytic data, allowing increased visibility into cost reduction for Usage-Based Insurance premiums