LTE Advanced, Next Evolution of LTE.

The demands for unfettered, high-bandwidth wireless access from consumers as well as enterprises continues to grow exponentially. Delivering LTE-Advanced solutions will address those demands and strengthens. BEC is committed to providing the latest technology & solutions that enable new business applications, services, revenue opportunities and unique platforms.

Core Benefits from LTE-Advanced:

  • Carrier Aggregation
    Combine RF carriers at the device to increase the user data rates across the cell coverage.
  • 3 Times Faster
    Category 6 UE support enabling 3 times faster throughout than Category 3 UE.
  • High Order MIMO
    Leveraging more antennas to increase spectral efficiency.
  • Better End-User Experience
    Higher peak data rates, lower latency, more capacity, increased network efficiency


BEC 6950 industry first LTE Outdoor Router with Carrier-Grade Hotspot

The 6950 integrates LTE Advanced with high-speed dual-band 11AC Wave 2 wireless technology providing a secure, high performance mission-critical cellular connectivity to outside harsh environments for a variety of carrier applications.

Applications:  Outdoor, Mission Critical, Industrial, Oil and Gas,Mining, Marine

BEC 6300VNL Enterprise LTE Router

Dual-WAN, 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, Carrier-class Wi-Fi, Integrated VoIP, Enterprise Software

Applications:  Wireless Broadband, Enterprise/Branch Office, Business Continuity

BEC MX-200 Industrial M2M Router

Dual Gigabit Ethernet, RS-232 Serial Interface, Optional GPS, Enterprise Software

Applications:  SCADA, Metering, Digital Signage, Remote Surveillance, ATMs/Kiosk, and PoS

BEC MX-1000 Multi-Carrier LTE Router

Multi-WAN, 4-port Gigabit Switch, Carrier-Class Wi-Fi with Hotspot, USB, GPS, Power Ignition control, Enterprise Software

Applications:  Mission Critical Operations, Logistics/Transportation and Fleet, Public Safety/FirstNet