BEC’s Intelligent 4G LTE Connectivity for SD-WAN

Incorporate robust, secure and reliable 4G LTE connectivity into any SD-WAN network solution deployments

Power SD-WAN With MX-200 Series 4G LTE Wireless Connectivity

The BEC MX-200 4G LTE Router is high performance fixed wireless platform enabling high availability, reliable and secure wireless connectivity for any SD-WAN service deployment. Customers can leverage 4G LTE for backup connectivity/failover, active connectivity for specific traffic based on policies or service levels and even aggregate data link scenarios.

LTE in Standby Mode:
In this scenario, the MX-200 will remain in an idle/standby state. In the event, all available wired WAN interfaces are not available, the LTE interface will become active and route traffic until a wired interface returns. The Failover time from backup to active is less than a second.

LTE in Active Mode:
In this scenario, the LTE interface is one of the active WAN links available to forward traffic. Typically LTE would be used for specific application-based routing based on policies and service levels.

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The benefits of BEC’s intelligent 4G LTE Connectivity:

  • Instant Connectivity with Zero Touch
  • Cellular Signal and Performance Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Usage Monitoring and Control
  • Remote Management in Bridge or Routed mode
  • 4G LTE Carrier-to-Carrier Failover
  • Meet PCI/HIPPA Compliance
  • API for Managed Service Platform Integration

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4G LTE wireless Connectivity for SD-WAN Solution Sheet