MX-100U 4G/LTE Advanced Industrial USB Modem

The BEC MX-100U Series 4G/LTE Industrial USB modem is a rugged, ultra-compact device for Enterprise and IoT/M2M applications that require secure, always-on LTE connectivity. The MX-100U is a CAT 6 device supporting LTE Advanced and Carrier Aggregation with Dual SIM slots, Active GPS, external antennas and a USB 3.0 interface. The lightweight yet hardened design is built with Industrial-Grade components and has an IP-50 rating for protection against harmful dust particles. The BEC MX-100U is the perfect balance of performance, ruggedness, reliability, price and secure wireless connectivity for business-critical operations.
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MX-100U as Standalone Modem

Instant LTE-A device connectivity; Integrate LTE-A into your own design (SDK); Drivers available for Windows, Linux and Android

Combine with BEC MX-1000

Extended Network availability with Multiple WAN Interfaces. Up to 3 cellular WAN interfaces when attached to MX-1000.