RidgeWave® Unlicensed 5Ghz

Fixed Wireless Broadband Service

BEC OneZone 4700FWB

BEC’s Ridgewave® Unlicensed 5Ghz Fixed Wireless Broadband Service is a solution designed to create new opportunities for network operators delivering a cost-efficient broadband service in rural and remote communities. Thus, to meet the customers demands for rich immersive broadband experiences. This solution can help operators to extend the coverage and improve service to your customers at a fraction of the cost of existing fiber-to-the-premises solutions.

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Solution Highlight

  • High-capacity & High-Speed up to 1Gbps data rate
  • Reliable last mile broadband wireless access
  • Environmentally robust-built to last
  • Managed by BECentral Cloud Platform
  • Creating new business opportunity to expand broadband service to unserved and underserved areas
  • Cost-effective and rapidly deployable for fast ROI

Ideal Application

  • Low-density residential communities in the rural and remote area
  • Connectivity for trailer parks, RV parks, and public outdoor events

How Does It Work

BEC OneZone 4700FWB Diagram

Featured Products

RidgeWave® 5GHz Base Station


RidgeWave® 5GHz Sector Antenna

BEC S518

RidgeWave® 5GHz Subscriber Unit


Cloud Management Platform


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