6211 R2–3G/GSM Voice Terminal

3G/GSM Voice Terminal
Model: 6211 R2


The BEC 6211 R2 is a 3G Voice Terminal providing a secure voice calls over a 3G cellular network. It’s a cell phone like device which provides uninterrupted battery backup when main power from power supply fails. The BEC 6211 R2 supports up to two (2) FXS ports connecting with standard analog telephones to receive or place calls over a 3G network and also oers great features such as SIM PIN Lock/Change, Network Lock/Change, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, etc.

It is ideal for users who do not need a landline service, delivering high quality, free communication between offices and customers. Making an E-call is just as easy as dialing an extension.

  • Offers 3G Cellular Connectivity
  • Connects up to 2 analog /cordless phones to receive/make calls via 3G cellular network
  • Battery backup holds for 3-4 hours of runtime
  • Continuously power without interruption or disconnection
  • Easy to carry around, simple to use while traveling
  • Reduce Landline service bill, keep business going and voice communication nonstop
  • Plug & Connect, simplify deployment and easy installation by a single person

Product Major Applications:

  • Home/SOHO/Frequent Travel Users (No Need for Local Landline Service)
  • Small/Startup Business
  • Temporary Office

Product Specs:

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