Network Performance Testing Gateway
Facilitating FCC Managed Performance Measures
Model: EG-210N


The BEC EG-210N Ethernet Gateway is integrated dual-WAN connectivity, routing, switching, wireless, security and cloud management into a one cost-optimized form factor. The EG-210N offers multi-port Gigabit Gateway providing high-speed wired network connectivity with Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi for powerful and reliable wireless coverage. With high-gain antennas, it supports faster data transfer, entertainment streaming, and lag-free online gaming. To enhance network security and connection, the flexible firewall policies and QoS bandwidth control will help network admin to filter and monitor all inbound/outbound activities.

EG-210N is optimized for use with BEC Outdoor LTE Routers, FCC Network Performance Reporting, and remote management via BECentral® Cloud Platform.

  • Drop-In Network Integration
    Simply plug it in and it works! No impact to existing network or operations
  • Vendor Agnostic Solution
    Out of the box interoperability! Can be implemented with any modem or router
  • Excellent Wired and Wireless Connectivity
    Two Gigabit Ethernet delivering wire-speed performance and carrier-grade Wi-fi for high-speed and extended coverage
  • Cloud Managed by BECentral® Remote Management System
    For simplified device management, extended network visibility, automated test execution, and report generation
  • Secure Communications
    Encrypted communications between device and cloud to provide end to end secure data transmission
  • Support basic Wifi or Mesh Wifi with add-on endpoints
  • The simple way to bring managed Gigabit Service

Product Specs:

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