4G/LTE-Advanced Pro Modular Modem

Model: MX-100UE
Carrier Certification: AT&T and T-Mobile (PTCRB)



The BEC MX-100UE 4G/LTE-Advanced Pro Modular modem, used in combination with BEC’s MX product series, provides businesses with a fully integrated solution for 4G/LTE cellular connectivity. The MX-100UE is LTE CAT 12, featuring carrier aggregation for higher capacity and higher overall bandwidth performance, dual SIM based auto-carrier selection, active GPS and support for external antennas for optimal RF performance. The lightweight yet hardened design is built with industrial-grade components and has an IP50 rating for protection against harmful dust particles.

The BEC MX-100UE is specifically optimized for use as a modular component of BEC’s MX-Connect product series of gateways and routers. The MX-100UE can operate stand-alone attached to a PC or USB host device. The BEC MX-100UE is the perfect balance of performance, ruggedness, reliability, price and secure wireless connectivity for business-critical operations.

  • Modular Modem for MX-Connect Series of Routers/Gateways
  • CAT 12 LTE-Advanced Pro with 3CA DL and 2CA UL
  • Dual SIM Slots with Auto-Carrier Selection
  • A-GPS for real-time tracking and location updating
  • IP50 hardened enclosure with industrial-grade components
  • USB 3.0 connection for physical interface and power
  • Can operate standalone attached to host device (Windows/Linux)
  • Supported by BECentral, BEC’s Cloud-Based device management platform to extend network visibility and control of devices remotely
  • Carrier Certifications: Pending

Product Major Applications:

  • In-Vehicle Connectivity
  • Carrier Diversity
  • Embedded Systems
  • OEM Design applications
  • Remote connectivity

Product Specs:
MX-100UE Datasheet
  Quick Start Guide



For proper use of the device, please follow the two steps below to download and install the drivers below:

  • Step 1: Download and Install File: GenericDriverSetup_4836
  • Step 2: Download and Install File: Build4814 Skylight

(The drivers are available for Windows 7, 8, and 10)

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