Triple SIM 4G LTE Router

Model: MX-221P
Carrier Network Certification: Major carrier certified


The BEC MX-221P is a high-performance 4G/LTE Router integrating Triple-SIMs interfaces with Auto-Carrier Detect and Select, Dual Gigabit Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Unique to BEC, the MX-221P automatically detects and measures the signal level and quality of your connection and selects the carrier priority and failover order. Alternatively,  you can create your own pre-defined selection based on preference or rate plans.

The MX-221P is highly configurable supporting seamless integration into any network deployment while providing advanced functionality such as Automatic Failover, IP Passthrough, Load Balancing, Dynamic Routing, VPN Termination, and VRRP. A versatile and feature-rich platform, the BEC MX-221P is a best-in-class solution for organizations seeking a rapidly deployable, highly scalable solution combining enterprise-grade router functionality with flexible LTE connectivity at a competitive price.

Triple SIM with Auto-Carrier Detect and Select

Automatically detects and measures the signal level and quality of your connection before selecting carrier connection priority and subsequent failover order should the active carrier fail

Manage Data Usage

Monitor cellular data usage and prevent data-overage charges. Simply set data allowance and when the active SIM reaches its data cap, the MX-221P will automatically failover to the second or third SIM.

Multi-WAN Connectivity

Multiple WAN paths for the primary or secondary connection across 4G/LTE and EWAN Interfaces

Advanced Networking

Drop into any network with support for IP Passthrough, Dynamic Routing, VPN, Load Balancing, VRRP, QoS, VLAN, and IPV6

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Enabling flexible deployment in locations without convenient access to power, redundant power options or optimal placement

Product Specs:
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