4G/LTE Public Safety Band 14 Solutions

First responders need mission-critical communications in the following scenarios:

  • Police coordination and data recognition for identifying suspect human beings or vehicles
  • Firefighter coordination, fire location monitoring, real-time provision of location information
  • Remote coordination by ambulances to hospitals for monitoring the condition of patients
  • Coordination with headquarters, compiling information for incidents, or monitoring of the location

These are just a few common scenarios amount all the others that require interoperable communication channels. The goal of BEC’s product solution is to deliver mobile broadband connectivities for FirstNet initiatives that ensure mission-critical video, voice, and data for first responders across the nation.

Our devices are supporting a single nationwide, interoperable public safety broadband network. Designed for Mission Critical Applications:

  • Supports Public Safety and AT&T Commercial LTE Bands
  • High-Performance GPS Engine
  • Failover/Fallback and Load Balancing
  • Dual Radio and Dual SIM Functionality
  • Wi-Fi Carrier Hotspot with Captive Portal
  • Enterprise Class Router with Secured VPN Support
  • Multiple Gigabit Ethernet &  USB Interfaces
  • Extreme Operating Temperature with BEC ColdStart

BEC Public Safety Connectivity Diagram

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Featured Product

MX-1000 Multi-Carrier In-Vehicle Router

Designed for Mission Critical Communications:

  • True Seamless Failover
  • Dual Radio and Dual SIM Functionality
  • Automatic Fallback and Load Balancing
  • High Performance GPS Engine
  • Wi-Fi Carrier Hotspot with Captive Portal
  • Supports Public Safety and Commercial LTE Bands
  • Enterprise Class Router with Secured VPN Support
  • Intelligent Ignition Sensing
  • Multiple Gigabit Ethernet & USB Interfaces
  • Extreme Operating Temperature with BEC ColdStart
  • Remote Device Management

MX-100U 4G LTE Industrial Modem

Designed for Instant Connection

  • Supporting LTE Advanced (LTE-A) Cellular Connectivity with Carrier Aggregation Enabling up to 300Mbps downlink speeds
  • Dual SIMs slots for Carrier Diversity
  • Active GPS for real-time tracking and location monitoring
  • IP-50 Hardened enclosure with industrial-grade components
  • Better alternative to mobile broadband cards, USB dongles or Mi-Fi devices

Cloud Remote Device Management

A remote management platform is essential to simplify device access, streamline and speed up deployment, lower support expenses and maximize the operational efficiency and profitability. BEC’s cloud based device management platform provides operators with a comprehensive suite of services to manage devices in real-time.

  • Device Provisioning and Control
  • Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA)
  • Real-time LTE Signal Quality and Performance
  • Traffic Analysis & Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Application / Service Enablement