A Simplified Guide: Things about CBRS you want to know


Citizens Broadband Radio Service

CBRS Spectrum, aka, Shared Spectrum

CBRS Spectrum is a spectrum that uses the 3.5 GHz band (3550 MHz to 3700 MHz) for shared wireless access. It combines spectrum sharing using a three-tiered hierarchy (Tier 1-Incumbents, Tier 2-Priority Access Licenses, Tier 3-General Authorized Access).


Band 48 (3550-3700Mhz) is the 3GPP approved band for CBRS that reflects the FCC allocation of a pair of LTE bands 42 (3550-3660Mhz) and 43 (3660-3700Mhz) for an innovative spectrum sharing framework in 3.5GHz.

Licensed, Unlicensed, and CBRS Spectrum

CBRS spectrum has the same radio interface as LTE in the licensed spectrum or in the unlicensed 5 GHz band. Then what makes the CBRS spectrum different than the LTE radio interface of licensed spectrum, or the unlicensed 5 GHz band? The difference lies in the spectrum assignment.

To use the CBRS spectrum you must request and be assigned a band by the SAS (Spectrum Allocation Server). This process of assigning spectrum is automated through the SAS and works to coordinate spectrum use. Then, when the spectrum is no longer required for use, the channel is freed up so other users can operate with minimal interference.

CBRS Alliance

CBRS Alliance is the group which advocates for LTE services in the 3.5 GHz CBRS spectrum. In order to maximize CBRS’s full potential, the CBRS Alliance aims to enable a robust ecosystem towards making LTE-based CBRS solutions available.

Why is CBRS the big thing?

CBRS significantly lowers the barrier to entry for non-traditional wireless carriers and opens up new market opportunities for rural and regional service providers. Allowing wireless carriers, for example, to add coverage and capacity and boost data rates on a licensed or unlicensed basis. Also, enable providers to offer dedicated private LTE network to enterprises. With a fixed wireless broadband offering service providers can offer broadband internet connectivity to new customers and increase revenue in untapped and underserved markets.

What are the applications?

The major applications are:

  • Dedicated private LTE networks for Enterprises & Venues
    CBRS can create a secure private LTE network instead of Wi-Fi to run corporate-level or site-specific applications.
  • IoT Solutions
    Providing an alternative for IoT connectivity at the “long-range level” that is currently available almost exclusively by wireless carriers and operators of LoRaWAN.
  • Fixed Wireless for Last Mile Access
    Network operators can supply vast amounts of new customers with broadband internet by providing CBRS over last mile access networks.
  • New Business Models and Vertical Markets
    Spectrum sharing creates many opportunities to inject capacity into existing networks, to make existing models financially sustainable, and to create new type of networks

Supporting Devices

Today, BEC Technologies offers both indoor and outdoor product solutions allowing Internet Service Provider to have the ability to early deploy bands 42/43/48.

4G/LTE Enterprise Router

BEC 6500 Series

4G/LTE Outdoor Wideband Router

BEC 6900

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