Energy: Oil & Gas M2M Solutions

Vertical markets can greatly benefit from the wide coverage and high-speed advantages of 4G LTE technology. Next-generation communication systems enabled by LTE technology can support new business models that yield high efficiency, lower cost, and increased revenue. These benefits are particularly enjoyed by the energy industry where its operations generally extend large remote areas in difficult terrains, typically lacking good means of connectivity.



High Quality Video

In addition, video conferencing is a helpful tool to reduce travel time and costs which greatly improve collaboration and shortens the decision making process. Current LTE devices support data rates of 150Mbps download and 50Mbps upload which can easily support the transmission of high-quality video images.

Secured Connectivity

Energy companies operate and have access to extremely valuable assets, intellectual property and data. The security of data exchanged or transmitted are essential for design considerations when building a wireless network. The complex authentication process and highly encrypted over-the-air data transmission from any location requires robust and security-focused equipment. BEC’s series of rugged LTE products are designed to deliver seamless and high-bandwidth connectivity to large coverage areas, while withstanding the most extreme environmental and weather conditions. By leveraging BEC’s external high gain YX antenna, network range can span up to 40% greater than typical LTE coverage. The services and applications that BEC’s 4G LTE devices provide to the energy industry:

  • Real-time monitoring and control of remote sites
  • Mobile and remote workforce video, data & voice connectivity
  • Video surveillance and security system for remote sites
  • Real-time telemetry data collection from remote oil wells/rigs
  • Fleet management and service vehicle location

BEC is committed in assisting energy companies reach their business objectives

Owning a private or dedicated broadband network is now possible with 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) for many oil & gas companies. Dedicated broadband networks ensuring access to high speed data anytime and anywhere. Such benefits provide tremendous opportunity for this industry to improve efficiency and reduce cost of doing business. BEC Technologies is committed in assisting energy companies reach their business objectives by continuously providing cutting-edge technologies and products that focus on this industry.