Financial M2M Solutions

In today’s fast-paced retail market, the role of electronic transactions are increasingly significant. Cash is no longer king in terms of convenience, credit/debit cards, ACH, P2P (PayPal) and transactions via smartphone/mobile applications are the norm. Consumers not only expect but demand point of purchase transactions to be highly secure, speedy and available in remote or temporary locations such as concerts or carnivals.

It’s no secret that wireless technologies continue to revolutionize many industries and vertical market segments. The Financial Services industry is shifting in large part due to the benefits of the latest generation of mobile wireless technologies, 4G LTE. The most significant benefits of 4G LTE are higher bandwidth, lower latency and improved spectrum efficiency. These benefits not only allow for fast electronic transactions they enable new business models such as targeted marketing, location based offers, interactive services and an overall improved customer experience.

BEC is helping retailers meet consumer expectations and become more competitive by offering wireless technology solutions that quickly integrate with Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Multi-purpose Kiosks and Vending Machines.



MX Series Portfolio

BEC MXConnect Series deliver easy and cost efficiency Financial M2M Solutions

Retailers are looking for ways to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve business continuity. The MXConnect Series of 4G/LTE machine-to-machine (M2M) Gateways are high-performance platforms with advanced software delivering high reliability and secure connectivity between devices across a wide range of vertical market segments.