Industrial M2M Solutions

Mobile network operators (MNOs) around the world are investing billions of dollars building new LTE infrastructure. There are over 331 commercial launched networks in 112 countries. The adoption of LTE is being driven by new 4G-enabled smartphones, tablets and consumer applications; however this adoption is also enabling a new generation M2M connectivity solutions for Industrial automation applications.

M2M applied to industrial automation can generate improved customer experiences and streamlined processes. Industrial automation systems utilize M2M communication to monitor and control remote and local facilities and equipment to increase operational efficiency. Key applications are utilizing the added bandwidth capacity of 4G LTE to perform real-time data and video monitoring of facilities, factories, and equipment.

When compared to existing 2G/3G M2M cellular devices, the most notable benefit of 4G/LTE is the higher performance and capacity which result in significantly faster download and upload data rates. While faster data rates are great for backbone network communication and remote surveillance industrial applications, the significantly lower latency (time delay) of LTE is more important for M2M industrial applications that rely on real-time information, such as controlling sensitive equipment, industrial alarms, and tracking management.


BEC M2M LTE products offer a comprehensive Industrial M2M Solutions

While the overall advantages of 4G/LTE will continue to drive its adoption for M2M Industrial applications. BEC M2M LTE products offer an easy and cost effective migration path by adding 2G/3G fallback support that ensures the longevity of equipment lifespan and the flexibility of network services. With its hardened industrial design and the latest IP technologies, BEC M2M products provide the platform it needs for system integrators to design a M2M network for their clients.