Armstrong Telephone Company

Case Study: Armstrong Telephone Company

Using BEC devices, Armstrong Telephone has found BEC’s service to be easy to install, easy to use and customize to company needs.

The Customer

Providing quality telecommunication since 1946, Armstrong Telephone Company is an independent telephone company owns and operates locally. They have offices in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York where dial tone, DSL, FTTX, and various other hicap (T1, DS3, etc.) services are offered. With the help from its partner Armstrong Cable, which offers traditional triple play over Coax, Armstrong continues to expand in the ever-changing world of telecommunications and beyond.


Before partnering with BEC Technologies, Armstrong Telephone was struggling in finding quality products that not only could be easy to install, use, and customize to company needs. But more importantly, the products could have a higher standard of quality and service that stopped suffering from repeated failures and bad RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) experiences.