Custer Telephone Cooperative Inc.

Case Study: Custer Telephone Cooperative Inc.

When Others Failed, BEC Provides Customer Service and Support You Can Count On

Executive Summary

Custer Telephone was looking for a reliable service to expand their Broadband and Wi-Fi services in the greater Challis community in Idaho. Past devices provided a very limited life span, needing to be rebooted often and often times needing to be replaced due to product not working after power outages. BEC successfully deployed xDSL and LTE products in addition to providing customer service and support Custer Telephone could count on.

The Customer

Custer Telephone Cooperative Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Idaho, serving the greater Challis community for over 60 years. Custer Telephone offers a variety of internet services within the state of Idaho, including DSL, fiber-to-the-home and fixed wireless.