KungFood Chu’s AmerAsia

Case Study: KungFood Chu’s AmerAsia Chinese Restaurant

Executive Summary

For Kung Food Chu’s AmerAsia, being a locally-owned, independent restaurant has always been a struggle in a highly competitive market with big chains on every block. To compete and differentiate themselves, AmerAsia made a shift to a fast-casual concept focusing on technology to power every aspect of their business. The goals were seamless connectivity, a higher level of customer engagement and a new restaurant experience all while boosting the bottom line. A tall “order” for most however one key technology decision; the BEC 6300VNL Enterprise LTE Router would prove to be the catalyst for bridging all other solutions together.

The Customer

Kung Food Chu’s AmerAsia, a Chinese cuisine restaurant is a cornerstone in the Covington, TX community offers delicious dining, takeout, and delivery. In 2015, Yahoo! listed the best Chinese restaurant in every state and Kung Food Chu’s AmerAsia on was listed as the Kentucky’s finest choice for Chinese cuisine. Read More, click here. Chef and Owner, Rich Chu prides himself on serving authentic Chinese food with high-quality fresh ingredients, excellent service, and friendly staff. Unique to AmerAsia is a broad, “eclectic” mix of craft beers and rotating taps separate it from other Chinese restaurants in the area. Ancient Chinese martial arts, Kung Fu posters and the monster movie running on select TVs add to the fun and funky atmosphere.


Overcoming poor internet connectivity at the restaurant has been a challenge for AmerAsia. There were no viable options for uninterrupted internet connectivity through their existing service provider. Another challenge was “speed to sale” a critical aspect of the fast-causal concept.Antiquated PoS systems were not reliable thus resulting in orders taken by hand and credit card transactions were extremely slow utilizing the existing landline. Additionally, the inability to process EMV “chip” cards increased the risk/liability of fraud on each transaction. The walls of the restaurant are lined with several static backlit displays, some with old menu items and others with content which remained stagnant all-day long. AmerAsia had multiple costly landlines primary for takeout orders without any PBX type functionality or options for caller Information such as the latest specials, business hours or directions. AmerAsia made attempts at offering complementary Wi-Fi access, however, the service was the plague with intermittent connection issues which could never be resolved.