Sunshine Fire Protection District

Case Study: Sunshine Fire Protection District

Executive Summary

By testing and deploying BEC MX-1000 M2M router, Sunshine Fire Protection District, successfully maintain a mission critical communication in-vehicle network that is interoperable, sustainable and especially during times of great stress.

The Customer

Sunshine Fire Protection District has served mountain community’s wild-land urban interface for the past 47 years. Their service is provided by 20 volunteer firefighters, ERM/EMT and fire support staff, two fire stations and 4 fire trucks. Their focus on fire protection, prevention and education as well as medical responsiveness has fostered a strong bond with the neighborhoods they serve. Since their inception, Sunshine Fire Protection District has been on the look out for first-class training and technology to best fit their mission and serve their community.


In response to national security concerns, the MCTRJCA act was past in 2012, establishing FirstNet. FirstNet purpose is to establish, operate, and maintain a public safety network that is interoperable, especially during times of great stress. To fulfill these objectives, Sunshine Fire Protection District needed to become a part of a Radio Access Network that will connect back to the core of FirstNet.