WiMAX to LTE: Enabling IP Multi-Service Offering


BEC Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of 4G/LTE platforms to facilitate your migration from WiMAX to LTE.


The Benefits on Transitioning with BEC Platforms:

  • Wide range of platforms from indoor, outdoor, industrial and M2M/IoT
  • Support for multiple frequency bands: Bands 40 (2.3GHz), 41 (2.5GHz), 42(3.5GHz), 43(3.6GHz)
  • Advanced antenna technology for increased propagation, signal reception and efficiency
  • Multi-WAN interfaces ensuring high availability and network resilience
  • BEC’s Cloud-Based device remote management platform to extend network visibility and control, simplify device access, lower support expenses and accelerate deployments/service delivery.

Platform Spotlight:

6300vnl              6900rw

6300NEL 4G/LTE Multi-Service Router                               6900 Outdoor 4G/LTE Unit


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