Companies Lose $0-$50k each hour
Companies Lose $50-$250k each hour
Companies Lose $250-$1M each hour
Companies Lose $1M+ each hour

Are You Prepared for BUSINESS DOWNTIME?

The cost per year for companies facing downtime issues averages $163,674

Wireless Wan Failover Working Diagram

The Answer is Wireless WAN Failover 

Always-On Connectivity and No More Downtime

When you build a network for either a small business or Enterprise, the network has to meet the three basic requirements:

  • Consistent and reliable network connectivity (minimum interruption)
  • Maintain more security
  • Cost effective

BEC WWAN Failover Manager offers Wireless WAN Business continuity solutions, which can play a key role in meeting these requirements. By combining WAN connectivity and 4G LTE, your broadband connection will automatically failover to 4G LTE networks when the main connection is lost. And when the main connection is back on, it will automatically failback to main connection to prevent data overuse. BEC WWAN Failover manager can help you create a secure, non-interruption and cost effective network service package.

BEC WWAN Failover Manager Highlight Functionalities:

• Redundancy and Network resilience for Gigabit, business DSL, WLAN, and 4G LTE services
• Actively monitor primary and backup connection for fully automated failover
• Advanced event notification for failover and data usage
• Supports IP Pass-through and Managed Failover
• RS-232 serial console port for Out-of-Band Access and Management
• Carrier networks: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon
• Ideal for Retail (PoS), Health Care, Branch offices and Enterprise

  Managed Failover Solution Infographic
  CASE STUDY–Biking Shop
  CASE STUDY–Clothing Store
  CASE STUDY–Health Care