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5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology, capable of multi-gigabit speeds per second data rates, significantly low latency, and outstanding reliability. 5G will bring new capabilities that will create opportunities, new deployments, and business models for people, businesses, and society.


Decrease in Latency


Experienced Throughput


Spectrum Efficiency


Traffic Capacity


Network Efficiency


Connection Density

5G Powers Limitless Possibilities and Drives Innovation

Unlock the benefits of 5G for your network!

5G NR Core Network Service Diagram

New Services

Unprecedented data rates and coverage with lower latency, improved reliability, and massive connectivity

5G NR network spectrum range diagram

Diverse Spectrum

Native support of a wide array of spectrum bands and types

5G NR Fixed Wireless Access Network Diagram

Unimagined Applications

Creating new business opportunities such as Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), one of the leading applications for 5G

5G NR NSA and SA deployment options diagram

Dual Connectivity (ENDC)

Meet the evolving demands of existing and new services with Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) Operation modes

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BEC’s 5G Access Solutions

AirConnect® 5G CPE Solutions deliver next-generation high-speed broadband services for existing and future deployments to meet the ever-increasing consumer demand!

5G/LTE Dual Mode Router

Indoor and outdoor 5G/LTE Dual Mode routers provide operators the flexibility to deliver next-generation high-speed broadband service today for existing LTE networks and swiftly transition to 5G over sub-6 GHz.

5G over Sub-6 GHz and mmWave

Indoor and outdoor gateways provide operators the flexibility to deliver both 5G over Sub-6GHz and mmWave with the fastest wireless broadband speeds and a more powerful subscriber experience.

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