Modernize Utility Communication Networks with Wireless Broadband

Deliver cost-effective, resilient, and secure connectivity for mission-critical applications

Our aging electric infrastructure is long overdue for an overhaul. Utilities are investing in newer technologies, tools, and techniques to modernize the grid. This includes efforts in smart grids along with advanced metering infrastructures. This consists of energy storage, microgrids for distributing energy, and demand response programs as well. Advanced communication technologies are a major part of enabling grid modernization.

Our Solutions

BEC's mission-critical 5G connectivity solutions provide reliable and secure mobile broadband communication to utilities and electric cooperatives. We offer a diverse selection of industrial modems, routers, and gateways with 5G and 4G LTE technology, ensuring resilient and secure connections across both public and private cellular networks.

BEC Private Network Indoor Devices for Industrial Applications
Industrial Solutions

Hardened multi-service platforms with many interfaces enable network deployment for IoT use cases and applications

BEC Private Network Outdoor Devices for Industrial Applications
Outdoor Solutions

Designed to deliver with ruggedized hardware that has high-gain antenna technology to increase capacity, maximize range, and extend coverage in any environment

BECentral® BEC's cloud remote device management platform
Management Platform

A fully equipped service center that improves operational efficiencies and optimizes service delivery, made with UE deployments of all sizes in mind

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Distribution Automation Communication Solutions

Utilities adopting Distribution Automation increased stability and reduced operations costs. A part of it is 5G/LTE, which is best for anything needing more bandwidth, better coverage, and lower latency for applications. Using AMI, FLISR, and SCADA applications with 5G/LTE technology has proven to increase the reliability and efficiency of distributed energy resources.

BEC Product Solutions - Utility FLISR Application Diagram


FLISR or Fault location, isolation, and service restoration have automatic sectionalizing, along with automatic circuit reconfiguration. DA operations are done by working with software and field devices. Dedicated communication networks prevent any outages by knowing exactly where any fault may be.

BEC Product Solutions - Utility SCADA Application Diagram


SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems are needed for industrial organizations to keep up efficiency. It also helps lessen downtime by using data to fix any system issues. Modbus-enabled equipment makes connecting easy to use and view critical systems.

BEC Product Solutions - Utility AMI Backhaul Application Diagram

AMI Backhaul

AMI or Advanced metering infrastructure is a system that allows a two-way communication system between utilities and customers. It works by using smart meters, communication networks, and data management systems together. AMI has progressed well over the years with improved coverage, bandwidth requirements, plus many others. Using LTE meets these requirements and more since it can provide service when AMI technologies are unable to do so.

BEC Product Solutions - Utility Video Surveillance Application Diagram

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is vital to keep substations for utilities safe since many are remote and unstaffed. Along those lines, using LTE will lessen the risk of any video delay since it has the capability to provide the bandwidth and capacity required for today's IP video surveillance systems.

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