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BEC's Connectivity Solutions for Retail Business

BEC’s retail solution router portfolio delivers “Always-on” connectivity by actively monitoring the primary internet connection providing fully automated failover to LTE in the event of an outage, reducing operation downtime and revenue loss.

Instant, day one internet connectivity over LTE for new locations, temporary sites such as pop-up stores or when there are delays with wireline buildouts for fiber. It also can be quickly converted to failover when the fixed line installed.

Integrated stateful firewall, VPN termination, network segmentation, mSSID, WPA2/AES, filtering, and access control list (ACLs) capabilities, BEC’s retail solution router portfolio can securely scale to meet and maintain PCI compliance requirements.

The MX-210 Series support Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabling flexible installation options for optimal signal strength placement or in locations without convenient access to power. Minimize downtime due to power loss by connecting both AC and PoE simultaneously.

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ATMs, Kiosks and Digital Signage

Deliver Secure and Always-on Connectivity

Intelligent cloud managed gateways

BEC smart gateways are designed specifically for ATMs/Kiosk for seamless integration, maximum encryption security and the fastest transaction speed possible. By deploying BEC smart gateway and network monitoring platform, not only you don’t have to be tied down by the landline​ communication, but also with the extra benefits below:

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