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Why Power SD-WAN with LTE
Power SD-WAN with Intelligent 4G LTE Connectivity

Service Providers can leverage BEC's MX-200 4G LTE wireless connectivity to incorporate robust, secure and reliable 4G LTE connectivity into any SD-WAN network solution deployments for your customers! The 4G LTE can be configured as backup connectivity/failover, active connectivity for specific traffic based on policies or service levels and even aggregate data link scenarios.

Multi-WAN Connectivity

MX-1200 Connectivity Solutions for Distributed Enterpirse Business
Business Continuity, Failover, and Redundancy

The Multi-WAN interface from BEC's MX-1200 allows two independent internet connection connected concurrently. Incorporating failover and load balancing routing features, MX-1200 is designed for applications that require more bandwidth and high availability for business-critical operations.

In addition, The MX-1200 supports instant mobile network expansion via the MX-100U LTE Modem connecting to carrier networks supporting LTE-Advanced and Carrier Aggregation. The fully integrated LTE modem is dual-SIM capable with auto-carrier selection, switching to the carrier that is providing the best network experience at that location.

MX1200 with MX100U

Branch Office Networks

Network diagram showing BEC's LTE router with VPN and other Advanced routing features
VPN along with the Advanced Routing

BEC's branch office router portfolio is purposely built as a compact, cost-effective all-in-one branch solution. With RS232 console interface enabling Out-of-Band Management, each model supports advanced routing features such as Enterprise Dynamic Routing, SPI Firewall, Secured VPNs, QoS, VLAN, and IPv6 support.

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