Seamless Communication with Advanced Industrial IoT Solutions

Establishing a resilient and interconnected ecosystem that optimizes data exchange, elevates operational efficiency, and provides solutions for industries to thrive in a rapidly evolving technological era.

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Connecting systems, empowering processes, and unlocking potential

Leveraging our industrial IoT solutions, businesses can create a cohesive and connected environment that transcends traditional communication barriers.

Whether in manufacturing, energy, or any industrial sector, our solutions empower organizations to embrace the future of industrial connectivity, fostering collaboration and efficiency across all facets of their operations.

Industrial Ethernet Switches

We offer diverse industrial Ethernet switches with industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy, and robust security features.

Our product portfolio encompasses unmanaged switches, managed switches, Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, rackmount switches, and switches tailored for the rail industry, supporting TTDP/TRDP and meeting specific requirements outlined in the EN50155/EN50121-4/EN45545-2 standards.

BEC Industrial 10 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with PoE
BEC 10 Port M12 Industrial Managed PoE Booster Gigabit Ethernet Switch
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Industrial Protocol Gateways

Our industrial protocol gateways serve dual purposes: connecting your serial devices to an Ethernet network and supporting multiple connections.

These adaptable gateways efficiently convert between protocols, such as Modbus TCP, DNP3/TCP, IEC 61850-90-5 R-GOOSE, and PTP Ethernet. They provide the flexibility to integrate and synchronize different protocols, improving connectivity, and facilitating streamlined communication across the network.

Industrial Cellular Routers

Our industrial cellular routers ensure secure and reliable connections to a cellular network for remote terminals, including Ethernet devices.

They extend network connectivity to areas where traditional wired infrastructure may be impractical or unavailable. This capability proves especially valuable in industrial environments where immediate data transmission is vital for monitoring and controlling processes, ensuring reliable communication of real-time information across diverse locations.

BEC Industrial Media Convertors

Industrial Media Converters

Our industrial media converters facilitate seamless data transfer and interoperability within industrial environments where equipment may utilize different media types, such as copper and fiber optics.

These converters transform signals from one format to another, providing a reliable link between diverse communication technologies and ensuring an uninterrupted flow of information.

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