Connectivity Solutions for Distance & Remote Learning

Solve the connectivity challenges and close the Homework Gap

Are you taking advantage of the FCC’s Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF)? A $7.17 billion program that will help schools and libraries provide the tools and services their communities need for remote learning during the COVID-19 emergency period. As a leading technology provider and device manufacture, BEC offers several connectivity solutions to help school districts address the Homework Gap and keep students connected. Our solutions are fully meet ECF program eligibility requirements.

Connectivity Solutions

With high-speed 4G LTE network connectivity, our devices deliver the required range, coverage, and capacity to keep students and staff connected from home. Key functionality includes:

MX-1200 Multi-Service Modular Router

Mini 4G LTE Wi-Fi Router

4G LTE Outdoor Router

School Bus Wi-Fi

BEC MX-1200 multi-service modular router powers the school bus with LTE technology, providing secure and reliable high-speed Wi-Fi internet connectivity for students to complete online assignments. The school bus can create internet hotspots when parked throughout the community or during the daily routes of school activities, such as sporting events and field trips. The solution also provides the added benefit of providing real-time access for other school bus technology such as video cameras, DVR storage, and GPS.

In-home Instant Connectivity

BEC Mini 4G LTE Wi-Fi Routers are versatile and feature-rich platforms that deliver the required range, coverage, and capacity to keep students and staff connected from home. Compact size with powerful functionality, designed with an intuitive web interface ensures quick and easy subscriber self-installation. Models are available to support across commercial licensed and 3.5 GHz CBRS shared spectrum. Our Mini 4G LTE Wi-Fi routers offer the perfect balance of performance, reliability, security, and cost for your deployment.

Community Hotspot Zones

Deploy BEC 4G LTE outdoor routers with Wi-Fi Hotspots to outside locations to extend and make the school's wireless network more accessible. Create designated zones on campus or in the communities for students to get online.

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