Private 5G and LTE Networks

Performance and Reliability beyond Wi-Fi and Public Networks

Private 5G and LTE networks are becoming increasingly important for organizations to deliver wireless connectivity for business-critical communications. The need is especially apparent in environments with numerous connected devices, where security, data control, performance, and reliability are crucial. Private 5G and LTE networks offer compelling advantages over Wi-Fi, the most prevalent wireless technology used in enterprise networks today and public cellular networks.

Our Solutions

BEC offers a portfolio of 5G and LTE solutions for licensed, unlicensed, or shared spectrums for numerous verticals markets, empowering organizations to transform their operations. Enterprises can now deploy dedicated networks to address specific use cases with multi-service capability, flexibility, and complete control. Purpose-built for high-performance and reliability, our solutions are FCC Part 96 Authorized and OnGo™ certified to ensure interoperability for multi-vendor large-scale deployments.

BEC's CBRS based private LTE indoor devices
Indoor Solutions

High-performance multi-service gateways provide secure and reliable connectivity for industrial IoT and In-building applications

BEC's CBRS based private LTE outdoor devices
Outdoor Solutions

Ruggedized hardware designed to withstand the elements incorporating high-gain antenna technology for maximum range and expanded coverage across vast areas

BECentral® BEC's cloud remote device management platform
BECentral® CloudEdge

An industry-leading cloud-based service platform designed to accelerate 5G and LTE Wireless WAN connectivity for deployments of any scale.

Warehouse and Manufacturing

BEC's private 5G and LTE solutions deliver critical-communications capabilities everywhere – boosting operational efficiencies. Manufacturing plants can truly embrace all that the IoT has to offer, includes full autonomous functionality and a wider range of internet-ready devices.


Private 5G and LTE networks provide secure enhanced coverage and additional capacity beyond Wi-Fi. BEC's solutions provide educational organizations with a cost-effective path to a dedicated and secure high-speed wireless network with full operational control.

Sea Port

By deploying BEC's Private 5G and LTE solutions, seaports can increase M2M/IoT connectivity and power new digital processes and applications, including Real-time video & analytics on cranes; asset tracking for goods, vehicles, and workers.

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