Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M Connectivity

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Energy: Oil & Gas

BEC's series of rugged cellular devices can deliver seamless and high-bandwidth connectivity with larger coverage while withstanding extreme environments and weather conditions. With our patented external high-gain antenna technology, the network range can span up to an average of 40% greater than typical cellular network coverage.

Industrial Automation

BEC's connectivity solutions offer an easy and cost-effective migration path. Our solutions ensure the longevity of equipment life span and provide the flexibility of network services. With the latest technology and a robust industrial design, system integrators can effortlessly map out IoT/M2M networks for their clients.

Remote Connectivity, SCADA and OOBM

BEC's industrial M2M cellular router is purposely designed for applications using relatively little bandwidth such as ATMs/Kiosks, OOBM, and SCADA. It also provides an ideal upgrade path for 2G/3G CDMA-based IoT Migration.

Smart City

Robust connectivity is the key to advancing the delivery of city services and, more importantly, improving public safety and security. BEC’s next-generation cellular connectivity solutions enable many applications such as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X), Smart Parking Management, Smart Buildings, and much more.

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