4G LTE Fixed Wireless – Broadband without Boundaries

Offer broadband access to unserved and underserved areas

BEC Outdoor Router

4G LTE Fixed Wireless is more efficient and economical alternative to fiber, cable, and copper networks, it delivers equivalent broadband speeds and capacity in the city to rural areas. Easier installing, faster speed, lower latency, and cost-effective, Fixed Wireless is the solution for network operators to offer broadband access to unserved and underserved areas!

Today, BEC offers both indoor and outdoor devices for Fixed Wireless deployment. As with all BEC LTE products the BECentral™ cloud-based management platform allows operators to remotely provision, monitor, upgrade and troubleshoot devices from a single centralized location.


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BEC Outdoor Router


600MHz LTE Band 71

The 600 MHz LTE Band 71 Radio is supported across multiple device platforms and form factors including BEC’s industrial routers, ruggedized IP-68/UL-50E outdoor gateways, and IoT/M2M solutions. The wide range of platforms enables support for a variety of applications from high-speed fixed wireless access (FWA) to long-range IoT and M2M deployments. For those mobile operators holding 600 MHz licenses, this spectrum brings greater capacity to their networks, in addition to enhanced outdoor coverage and indoor penetration.

We recognized that customers might have unique or specific design specifications, as such BEC offers a fully-featured range of design and manufacturing services to support fully custom requirements as well as modification for our off-the-shelf products.

Ideal Applications: Field Area Networks, Remote Facility Connectivity, SCADA & Process Control Transport


Supporting Devices

4G/LTE Enterprise Router

BEC 6500 Series

4G/LTE Advanced Industrial Router

BEC MX-200 Series

4G/LTE Outdoor Wideband Router

BEC 6900 Series

4G/LTE Outdoor Router with 11ac hotspot

BEC 4700 Series