8355P 5G CPE: Grow Subscribers, Boost Revenue!

Empower Subscribers with Self-installable 5G FWA Solution for Indoor and Outdoor Deployments

Self-Installable Indoors and Outdoors

BEC's 8355P is an innovative 5G solution that offers unparalleled flexibility in deploying Fixed Wireless Access service, making it a valuable asset for meeting diverse subscriber needs and deployment scenarios.
BEC 8355P 5G CPE has a unique design, can be deployed in indoor or outdoor enviroment for fixed wireless use cases.

Address subscriber needs and deployment preferences

BEC's 8355P features a versatile design suitable for both indoor and outdoor deployments, ensuring subscribers receive optimal signal quality regardless of location. It offers multiple installation choices, including standard indoor placement, outdoor mounts, and wall/pole mounts.

Enhance Subscribers Experience

Get connected in a few simple steps! Guiding by BEC's intuitive mobile app, subscribers will experience a breeze and seamless setup process. The powerful features enable subscribers to manage every aspect of their fixed wireless experience.

The BEC 8355P 5G CPE is designed with easy installation for subscribers at home, guided by Mobile App to find the best locaiton in your home for optimal siginal strength.

Indoor Placement

Conveniently placed by a window, on an office desk, or atop a coffee table, providing subscribers with ease of installation

Outdoor Deployment

Options include affixing the device to the exterior of a building, outside of the window, or in an outdoor environment

Wall or Pole Mount

Equipped with easy-to-use mounting brackets, ensure subscribers can easily complete the installation process

Deliver ultra-high data rates and lower latency for the ultimate subscriber experience

Superior Performance

Multi-core processor with sub-6 GHz carrier aggregation up to 4CA DL and 2CA UL

Elite Wi-Fi Performance

Equipped with 802.11 ax Wi-Fi 6 technology to reduced network congestion

Install Anywhere

Modular design enables optimal location mounting for the best signal

MIMO Antenna Technology

High-gain 4×4 MIMO dual-polarization/dual slant antenna technology offers efficient bi-directional transmission

Compact Weatherproof Design

The compact weatherproof enclosure is IP65 rated for full protection against dirt, dust, and water ingress

Managed by BECentral® CloudEdge

Accelerate 5G Wireless WAN connectivity for deployments of any scale and extend network visibility at the edge

"Our aim with the 8355 was to meet the varied needs of service providers and subscribers while raising the bar for performance and adaptability."

The 8355 Development Team
BEC Technologies, Inc (BECbyBILLION)

Play Video about BEC's 8355P 5G CPE is installed outsdie of window for fixed wireless access

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