2.5 GHz Fixed Wireless Access Solutions

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FCC's 2.5 GHz Rural Tribal Window in 2020 was a unique opportunity for Tribes to apply for unassigned spectrum licenses over their lands. This year, NTIA’s Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program (TBCP) will provide awards up to $1 Billion grants for broadband infrastructure deployment and service adoption. The 2.5 GHz spectrum provides the best mixture of coverage and speeds; however, you need the right solutions to take full advantage of the benefits. BEC's portfolio of indoor and outdoor solutions is optimized for full utilization of the 2.5 GHz spectrum. Our solutions are designed to simplify network connectivity, lower the total cost of ownership (TCO), and create new business models.

2.5 GHz Fixed Wireless Access Solutions

Our solutions extend performance beyond the NTIA minimum download and upload speed requirements of 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps, delivering more than just high-speed internet but the support of advanced services and enhanced user experiences. In addition, we offer future-ready models that provide the flexibility of deployment for existing LTE networks and swift transitions to 5G NR for higher capacity, more bandwidth, and ultimately long-term network sustainability.

BEC RidgeWave® 6900 Series
RidgeWave® 6900 Series

High-performance outdoor router brings secure and mission-critical cellular connectivity to rural locations

RidgeWave® BEC 4900 Series 4G LTE Outdoor routers
RidgeWave® 4900 Series

High-gain antenna designed to increase coverage and bandwidth in non-line-of-sight conditions

BEC 6500 4G/LTE Multi-Service Router
BEC 6500 Series

Multi-service LTE router with dual-WAN interface for primary and failover connections

BEC 5G NR/4G LTE Dual Mode Routers
5G NR/LTE Dual Mode

Deliver high-speed broadband service today for existing LTE networks and swiftly transition to 5G over sub-6 GHz

RidgeWave® BEC 6900 Series Outdoor Router, Fixed Wireless Access
Why we stand out from our competitors?
  • BEC’s FWA solutions are an efficient and economical alternative to fixed-line broadband
  • Allow you to deliver broadband speeds that support triple-play and advanced services
  • Models supporting: 4G LTE CAT 4 up to Gigabit LTE, and 5G NR
  • Flexible Network Modes: Bridge, Router, and Advanced Networking
  • Dual-polarized/dual slant antenna technology ensures faster and efficient bi-directional transmission for maximum bandwidth and coverage.
  • BECentral® BEC’s cloud-based device management for extending network visibility and control of devices remotely

Success Story

Rock Wireless, a division of Standing Rock Telecom and the first tribally-owned wireless telecommunications company in the nation, has selected BEC for its 2.5 GHz Fixed Wireless Access deployments. They rely on this spectrum to provide wireless service for K-12 education, residential, and businesses across the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and surrounding communities.

"We have been very pleased with the network performance of the BEC equipment and value them as a partner for their quality and excellent customer support."
Standing Rock Telecommunications Logo
Fred McLaughlin
General Manager at Standing Rock Telecommunications Inc
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