Utilities/Renewable Energy

Harnessing 5G Technology to Enhance Solar Farm Efficiency through Remote Monitoring and Management System

Customer Success: Clean Energy Firm

Solar power farms have gained prominence in the quest for sustainable energy solutions. Remote monitoring and management systems have become essential to optimize efficiency and performance. This case study delves into the 5G device connectivity implementation that enabled remote monitoring and management of a Community Solar farm, improving efficiency and operational effectiveness. … Read More

ATM Backhaul over LTE for Electric Coop in Arizona

Customer Success: Electric Cooperative in Arizona

The BEC MX-200A LTE-A Industrial Router was the perfect option to connect to the AMI collectors, providing highly reliable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity. The highly compact and versatile platform is full-featured, integrating robust cellular connectivity, active GPS, multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, RS-232 serial device IP connectivity, and enterprise-level functionality such as advanced security mechanisms, Quality of Service (QoS), SPI firewall, VPN Termination, and auto-failover for unparalleled uptime and network redundancy. … Read More