MX-100 Series

MX-100 Series

LTE-Advanced Industrial Modular Modem

The BEC MX-100 industrial modular modems enable cellular WAN connectivity for the BEC’s MXConnect® routers. Customers can upgrade existing routers to the latest modem technology, support dual modems for higher availability, or directly connect the MX-100 to a USB host device for standalone operation. 

The MX-100 modems support LTE-Advanced Cat-6, or LTE-Advanced Pro Cat-12, features carrier aggregation for enhanced data capacity, dual SIM with multi-carrier auto selection, and active GPS.  To improve reliability, the MX-100 is designed with industrial-grade components and rugged IP50 rated enclosure for protection against harmful dust particles.

  • LTE-Advanced Cat-6 or LTE-Advanced Pro CAT 12 
    Supporting Carrier Aggregation up to 3CA DL and 2CA UL
  • Modular Component Design
    Modular Modem for MXConnect® Series of routers or can operate stand-alone attached to a USB host device (Windows/Linux)
  • Carrier Diversity
    Dual SIM slots for multi-carrier auto selection
  • Hardened Design
    Compact IP50 Enclosure with Industrial-grade components
  • USB 3.0 Interface
    Single connection for the physical interface and power
  • Active GPS
    Enables real-time tracking for Location-Based Services
  • Cloud Management
    Supported by BECentral, BEC’s Cloud-Based device management platform to extend network visibility and control of devices remotely

MX-100UE (LTE Advanced Pro Cat-12)

  • Supporting North America and Global
    FDD(Cat-12): B1-B5, B7, B8, B9, B12, B13, B14, B18, B19, B20,B26, B29, B30, B32, B41, B66
    Max. Downlink/Uplink: 600/150Mbps
    TDD (Cat.12): B42, B43, B48
    Max. Downlink/Uplink: 430/20Mbps
    DC-HSPA+: B, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B8, B9, B19
  • Support Carrier Aggregation Bands for DL and UL
  • Network Certification: AT&T, T-Mobile (PTCRB), FCC Part 96 EUD

MX-100U (LTE Advanced Cat-6)

  • Supporting North America and Global
    FDD(Cat-6): B1-B5, B7, B8, B12, B13, B20, B25, B26, B29, B30, B41
    Max. Downlink/Uplink: 300/50Mbps
    DC-HSPA+: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B8
    Max. Downlink/Uplink: 42/5.76Mbps
  • Support Carrier Aggregation
  • Network Certification: AT&T, T-Mobile (PTCRB), Verizon

Channel Bandwidth

  • 1.4MHz, 3MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz, 20MHz

RF Characteristics

  • Transmit Power: 22~ 23dBm ± 1dB
  • Sensitivity (Primary): -95.5 ~ -99dBm
  • Sensitivity (Secondary): -95.5~ -99dBm

GPS (GNSS) Support with NMEA Protocol

Regulatory: FCC, PTCRB

Hardware Interface

  • USB 3.0 Type A Receptacle
  • SMA Antenna Connectors
    2 * LTE
    1 * GPS
    2* 2FF MINI SIM Slot


  • USB 3.0 Powered by a Host


  • 3.94″(W) x 3.15″(H) x 0.83″(D) (100mm x 80 mm x 21 mm)

Operating Temperature

  • – 4° to 140° F  (- 20° to 60° C)

Product Specifications:

  Datasheet – MX-100UE

  Datasheet – MX-100U

  Quick Start Guide


For proper use of the device, please follow the two steps below to download and install the drivers below:

  • Step 1: Download and Install File: GenericDriverSetup_4836
  • Step 2: Download and Install File: Build4814 Skylight

(The drivers are available for Windows 7, 8, and 10)

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