MX-1200 Multi-Service Gateway

Addressing the Wireless Internet Challenges Businesses Face Today

BEC MX-1200 Multi-Service LTE Router

BEC MX-1200 Multi-Service Gateway is purpose-built to meet the most demanding enterprise needs while remaining easy and flexible enough for businesses of all sizes and types.

Designed to lower TCO (total cost of ownership), the MX-1200 offers flexible deployment options for organizations through multiple WAN interfaces, extensive configurability, and modular cellular modem network expansion, including field-upgradeability for future generations of mobile technology.

Diverse applications:

Built-in modularity ensuring upgradability for future generations of cellular technology

The MX-1200 delivers instant mobile network expansion via the MX-100 series Dual-SIM LTE Modem connecting to carrier networks. 

  • MX-100U: Supporting LTE-A CAT 6 and Carrier Aggregation
  • MX-100UE: Supporting LTE-A Pro CAT 12, Carrier Aggregation, FCC Part 96 EUD authorized to operate on 3.5 GHz CBRS shared spectrum
  • MX-100UG: Support Gigabit LTE CAT 18, 4x4 MIMO, Carrier Aggregation, FCC Part 96 EUD authorized to operate on 3.5 GHz CBRS shared spectrum

MX1200 with MX100U

Greater Bandwidth and High Availability

A high-performance, versatile, feature-rich platform

BEC MX-1200 Multi-Service Modular Router Interface
Multi-WAN Connectivity

Multiple WAN path for flexible deployment, 4G/LTE, (2) EWANs & Wi-Fi as WAN

802.11AC Wi-Fi 5 Wireless LAN

Simultaneous Dual-Band connectivity with Wi-Fi Hotspot & Captive Portal

Enterprise Routing and VPN

Dynamic Routing (OSPF and BGP) and Secured VPN (IPSec, GRE, OpenVPN, LT2P, PPTP)

BEC MX-1200 Multi-Service Modular Router Interface
Carrier Diversity

Dual-SIM slots with Auto-Carrier selection for high network availability

Hardened Design

IP-50 enclosure with industrial-grade components an extended temperature range

Cloud Remote Management

Remote managed by BECentral® Cloud Management Platform, real-time device monitoring, provisioning, troubleshooting, and maintenance from a single centralized location

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