Enabling Oil & Gas SCADA Applications with LTE Connectivity

Today’s Oil & Gas field deployments require a network and communication infrastructure that can support the demands of fast-evolving applications in addition to enabling legacy SCADA deployment without the need for expensive hardware upgrades. LTE, the latest generation cellular network technology and the fastest growing standard in Oil_Gaswireless communications history, is transforming the way Oil & Gas companies enable mission-critical applications. Whether it’s enabling real-time instrument and control data to be monitored remotely with existing SCADA solutions to providing on-demand Video, Internet or Mobility solutions.

Intelligent LTE network router can cost-effectively enable a wide variety of applications in a single network configuration. One example of a successful Oil & Gas deployment utilizing LTE as a network connectivity solution can be seen in the following use case example: Challenged by continually needing to provide best in class high speed data applications for field personnel servicing Oil and Gas remote well equipment, while preserving the investment in existing SCADA communication networking between Oil & Gas equipment, the customer chose to deploy BEC Technologies’ 6800RUL 4G/LTE IP68 rated ruggedized outdoor router to backhaul their existing SCADA infrastructure to the specific LTE network frequencies covering their mobility applications. Thereby levering the existing network coverage to include remote asset monitoring at a minimal cost. Examples of key attributes that were addressed in this installation were pumped off control, leak detection, video monitoring and SCADA connectivity.

Product Detail

BEC Technologies’ 6800RUL 4G/LTE Outdoor Router

The advantages of the 6800 provide dynamic LTE frequency selection to meet the needs of both public LTE network selection in addition to private LTE deployments occurring throughout the world. The 6800 also enhances LTE coverage distance by implementing a patented dual polarization MIMO antenna which greatly enhances the cellular range capabilities beyond typical products on the market today. The 6800 include a POE injector and mounting kit for ease of installation at the monitoring site.

6800RUL OutdoorOur patent-pending BEC SXWA-Series wideband multi-element adaptive design is supported by the 6800 router series providing improved signal quality, increased signal range, coverage and increased data transfer rates across multiple frequency bands. To complement the highly intelligent antenna design, BEC 6800 LTE routers are CAT 3 UE capable of high data throughput upwards of 100Mbps downstream and 50Mbps upstream. With an operating temperature range 0f -40C to 60C the 6800 Router can withstand harsh remote deployments.