430M– 4G/LTE Mobile Broadband Internet

4G/LTE Mobile Broadband Internet
Model: 430M


BEC 430M is a 4G/LTE Mobile hotspot device providing an instant high-speed mobile Internet connection for up to 8 clients simultaneously. It is the perfect mobile hotspot device for business or individual with the needs of a dedicated Internet on-the-go at all times. With its portable and easy-to-use design, this device can operate by anybody simply plug-the-SIM-and-connect to the mobile Internet instantly and securely share wireless connectivity and files.

The BEC 430M comes with a rechargeable battery can last for 6-8 hours in standby mode. 1.44” icon-driven LCD panel makes easy to show battery usage, connection & signal status, text message. With its lightweight and compact form factor, the BEC 430M can easily be carried around by slipping into a purse or pocket.

  • Overs 4G/LTE Cellular Connectivity with 3G failover
  • Small form factor design with an affordable price
  • Insert-and-Connect provides the quick installation with no hassles
  • Connect up to 8 Wi-Fi devices at the same time
  • Compatible with most wireless-enabled devices
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Up to 6 – 8 hours of battery life
  • Wi-Fi File sharing with storage extension up to 32GB T ash.
  • 1.44” LCD screen displays signal strengths, SMS, battery & network connections

Product Major Applications:

  • Frequent Business Travelers
  • Temporary Mobile Connectivity
  • Seasonal Rental and Prepaid Service
  • Educational — after-school activity for students
  • Alternative WAN Connection
  • Mobile Healthcare
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Fied Service Vehicle Connectivity

Product Specs:

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