Private LTE for K-12 and Higher Education

Performance and Reliability beyond Wi-Fi and Public Networks

School systems need a robust, scalable network infrastructure that can support on-premise, remote connections, and even provide internet access to underserved students’ homes securely and reliably. Investing in technology modernization and deploying a Private LTE network is the key. Our Private LTE connectivity solutions provide educational organizations with a cost-effective path to a dedicated and secure high-speed wireless network with full operational control.

Private LTE Solutions

BEC Private LTE solutions operate on the 3.5 GHz CBRS spectrum and deliver lightning-fast private broadband, secure connectivity, and support for advanced services. Purpose-built for high-performance and reliability, our solutions are FCC Part 96 Authorized and OnGo™ certified to ensure interoperability for multi-vendor, large-scale deployments.

BEC's CBRS based private LTE indoor devices
Indoor Solutions

From portable USB devices to compact, high-performance multi-port gateways offering robust Wi-Fi for simple, fail-safe connectivity that can be quickly deployed anywhere as needed

BEC's CBRS based private LTE outdoor devices
Outdoor Solutions

Ruggedized hardware designed to withstand the elements incorporating high-gain antenna technology for maximum range and expanded coverage across vast areas

BEC 6500 series CBRS Private LTE Education Application
Why should you invest in a Private LTE network?
  • Dedicated, private high-speed wireless network with full operational and business control
  • Substantially lower cost of ownership, independence from the carrier with no recurring monthly fees.
  • Provide seamless coverage and increased capacity in-building and across campus
  • End to End security with tight control of device authentication and access
  • Enable new applications, services, and devices tailored to your specific needs
  • Can coexist, complement, and enhance existing Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Highly reliable and proven technology (standards-based – wide interoperability)
  • Future proof solution offering a migration path to 5G NR
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