School Bus Wi-Fi Solution For Your District

Many school districts have various technology initiatives to extend the learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom. One Initiative, equipping school buses with Wi-Fi connectivity has met with much success and proved well worth the investment. The initial use case has expanded beyond allowing students to complete coursework to and from school. School bus travel time is essentially learning time whether students are being transported to and from school, on field trips, sporting events or other school-sanctioned excursions.


One Simple Solution to Turn Travel Time into Learning Time

Deploying broadband connectivity solutions for school buses demand as much attention as the “precious cargo” being transported to and from school every day. BEC Technologies, a leading provider of 3G, 4G/LTE wireless gateways offer solutions that provide secure, robust and reliable network connectivity for your school bus fleet.

Featured Product Solutions and Highlighted functions:

BEC Multi-Carrier LTE Router                  BECentral Cloud Remote Management System

Reliable, Always-on Connectivity

The BEC Multi-Carrier LTE Router features a rugged compact design with Multi-Carrier Multi-Radio for Concurrent Connectivity and True-Seamless Failover between carriers.

Active Location Monitoring and Reporting

The BEC Multi-Carrier LTE Router embedded GPS functionality provides real-time school bus tracking and location. Parents have peace of mind knowing the precise location of the school bus and can time/track pick-up and drop-offs. Administrators can manage the operational efficiency, enable geo-fencing, monitor route adherence, track driver behavior, fuel consumption and proactively monitor school bus fleet maintenance.

Captive Portal and Secure Access

The BEC Multi-Carrier LTE Router Captive Portal provide multiple authentication modes ensuring secure Wi-Fi connectivity and access to network resources for authorized devices and user accounts. Redirect and proxy configuration are supported to connect to existing school-based filtering applications.

Real-time Video Surveillance

The BEC Multi-Carrier LTE Router can seamlessly integrate into your surveillance system providing access to watch live, in a real-time video that is being recorded.

Cloud-Based Remote Management

BEC’s Cloud-Based Remote Management Platform enables real-time device monitoring, provisioning, troubleshooting and maintenance from a single centralized location. The platform will simplify device access, lower support expenses, accelerate deployments, service delivery and maximize the operational efficiency and profitability.

Operational on Carrier Networks

AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.