School Bus Wi-Fi

Support Distance Learning and Bridge the Digital Divide

BEC is helping school districts rethink the classroom experience and adopt creative solutions to address the hurdles students face, particularly the homework gap. This refers to the nearly 9 million households of school-age children lacking the connectivity they need to complete schoolwork at home. School buses equipped with BEC’s school bus Wi-Fi solution provides reliable and secure internet connectivity for students to complete online assignments. The school bus can create internet hotspots when parked throughout the community or during the daily routes of school activities, such as sporting events and field trips. The solution also provides the added benefit of providing real-time access for other school bus technology solutions such as video cameras, DVR storage, and GPS.

Connected School Bus

Turning Commute Time into Learning Time

BEC's MX-1200 Multi-Service LTE router equips your school bus fleet with mobile technology, providing instant, reliable, and secure in-vehicle networking that supports applications such as Wi-Fi hotspots, location tracking, and real-time video surveillance.

Case Study

Partnering with United Wireless, school districts located in Dodge City, Kansas successfully established their continuing education program aboard their school bus fleet.

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Parking Lot Learning

Bridging the Digital Divide

BEC powers the connected school bus with LTE technology, secure and reliable high-speed Wi-Fi internet connectivity. Park Wi-Fi enabled school buses to serve as hotspots throughout the community. Students can access the Wi-Fi within 300 feet of the bus.

Case Study

By deploying BEC's MX-1200, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD (PSJA ISD) has equipped 119 school buses with Wi-Fi technology to provide internet to students in the communities.

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