4G LTE Wireless Internet Backup

Deliver Business Resiliency Service across all Markets

Reduce Unexpected Downtime and Ensure “Always-on” Connectivity

Internet connectivity is such an integral part of business operations today that any downtime is devastating, impacting everything from revenues, reputation, and ultimately business viability. BEC Technologies offers the world’s leading 4G LTE Wireless Internet backup solution to protect businesses of all sizes. The solution actively monitors the primary connection, and in the event of a service disruption, traffic is automatically routed to the backup connection. The solution immediately returns to the primary connection once restored.

Fully Managed Wireless Failover Service Package

Provide Broadband Connectivity Insurance that Businesses Can Rely On

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Ultra-compact, high-performance LTE routers integrating Gigabit Ethernet, robust security enterprise routing, and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Select from models that feature high-powered Wi-Fi with hotspot/captive portal and active GPS.

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Data Service

Ensure an uninterrupted wireless connection with secure, reliable, and cost-effective wireless data plans. Source your own data plan or leverage one of our strategic partners for a nationwide coverage plan that fits your specific needs.

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Remote Management

BECentral® Cloud Management Platform allows administrators to remotely provision, monitor, upgrade, and troubleshoot devices. Features include: Proactive Alerts and Notification, Connectivity & Data Management, Firmware Management

BEC MX-210NP Wireless Failover/Backup Network Diagram
Key Features:
  • Actively monitors primary and backup connection for fully automated failover
  • Compatible with major edge routers and internet services via cable/xDSL/T1/satellite/Metro Ethernet
  • Advanced Networking, IP Passthrough, Dynamic Routing, VPN, Load Balancing, VRRP, QoS, and IPV6
  • Fully integrated security features to scale to meet and maintain PCI compliance requirements
  • Offer 99.999% Internet uptime service level agreement (SLA)
  • Proactive alerts and notifications with cellular data usage control/management
  • Cloud-managed for extended network visibility and control of devices remotely
  • Certified for all major cellular carrier networks in the US
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