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Delivering Advanced Wireless WAN Solutions to Unlock New Opportunities and Drive Progress Across Industries

A Solution For Every Scenario

BEC offers a wide range of product solutions, allowing our clients to choose the best fit for each project. Our reliable, secure, and high-performing solutions support various applications and use cases across industries, including:

Self-Installable 5G FWA Solution

BEC's 8355P is an innovative 5G solution featuring a versatile design suitable for both indoor and outdoor deployments, ensuring subscribers receive optimal signal quality regardless of location. It offers unparalleled flexibility in deploying Fixed Wireless Access service, making it a valuable asset for meeting diverse subscriber needs and deployment scenarios.

Featured Solutions

BEC 5G CPE solution portfolio

Accelerating Global 5G Deployment

With 50 years of innovation, BEC is committed to driving 5G global adoption. Our innovative solutions deliver 5G over Sub-6GHz and mmWave with the fastest wireless broadband speeds and a more powerful subscriber experience.

Industrial IoT Solutions

Leveraging our solutions, businesses can establish a resilient and interconnected ecosystem that optimizes data exchange, elevates operational efficiency, and provides solutions for industries to thrive in a rapidly evolving technological era.

Utility Communication Networks

Our wireless broadband solutions utilize 5G and 4G LTE networks to modernize utility communications. We offer industrial modems, routers, and gateways to provide utilities with the newest, high-performance, and secure mission-critical communication.

5G-Powered Public Transportation

5G connectivity revolutionizes public transportation with real-time tracking, efficient traffic management, predictive maintenance, and enhanced passenger experience. It promotes safer eco-friendly urban mobility, making public transit more convenient for commuters.

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