In-Vehicle LTE Connectivity Solutions


Transportation and Fleet
Real-time updates and remote management


First Responder
Remote database access. Secure and efficient


Metro Motorcoach
Real-time video surveillance and digital Signage


Passenger WiFi
Wi-Fi Certified with Hotspot and Captive Portal Functionality

Featured Product with Best Practice

BEC MXConnect Multi-Carrier LTE Router


Unique Mobile Connectivity Challenge

Solution: True-Seamless Failover
Multi Carrier Multi Radio for Concurrent Connectivity
Automatic Failover/Fallback and Load Balancing

Equipment Monitoring, Maintenance and Updates challenge

Solution: BEC Cloud-based Remote Management Platform
Can enable software/firmware updates, configurations, security patches, and maintenance of devices

Wiring and Electrical Issues

Solution: Intelligent Ignition Sensing
Low Voltage Power Protection with Automatic On and Time-delay OFF

Extreme Temperature challenge

Solution: Extrem Operating Temperature with BEC ColdStart
Extended temperature range and flexible input voltage selection

Terrain challenge

Solution: Easy Installation and Rugged Compact Design
MIL-STD-810G Certified
Designed to handle the roughest of terrains

Choosing a Carrier

Solution: Carrier Certified
Carrier networks: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon