BEC Technologies case study with City of Mexia Police Department

BEC’s MX-1200 Multi-Carrier 4G LTE router provided a reliable, secure always-on connectivity for the Mexia police force fleet

We have certain expectations of the performance of a solution being a government entity, and with the MX-1200, our officers can confidently make contact with the citizens without anticipating a loss in connection.

Captain Bobby Coslin

Executive Summary

End-User: City of Mexia Police Department

Product: MX-1200 Multi-Carrier 4G LTE Router

Application: Public Safety, In-Vehicle Connectivity

Data Connectivity: Verizon 4G/LTE Wireless Network

Results: After a successful evaluation, the Mexia police department deployed BEC’s Multi-Carrier 4G LTE MX-1200 routers. The size and dimension of MX-1200 including the mounting bracket made for a perfect fit under the center console, cutting down the installation time and easier installation and connection of the external roof mound antenna. Mexia police officers now can trust that their connection will remain secure and reliable in order to fully perform their duties efficiently.

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