Cloud device management system.

BECentral®, BEC’s Cloud Device Management System

BECentral® is a Cloud-based centralized management platform designed to offer Service Providers an advanced level of remote access and management of BEC xDSL modems, routers, and multi-service gateways. With its comprehensive management tools, the BEC Cloud Management System can minimize deployment, support expenses, and maximize the operational efficiency and profitability for a service provider.

Griswold Cooperative Telephone Logo

Griswold Cooperative Telephone

Griswold Cooperative Telephone of Iowa has been deploying BEC 7402 series of wired and wireless triple-play ADSL2+ routers. With 300 video customers and increasing, Griswold was able to leverage the managing features of the BECentral® to centrally monitor their service connections between the central office and the subscriber’s house. It also enabled them access into the routers remotely for troubleshooting purposes when needed, greatly reducing their time spent on each support call.

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Germantown Telephone

By using BECentral® for their video and data services since 2009, Germantown Telephone of New York was able to remotely read the connection and LAN data from the BEC 7402GTM units they deployed in the field. This helped them troubleshoot a large portion of their subscriber related issues. In addition, the remote firmware functionality of the BEC CMS offered them an easy option for upgrading or changing subscriber’s service without a massive truck roll.

Scatter Creek InfoNet Logo

Scatter Creek InfoNet

Scatter Creek InfoNet is a local service provider serving several counties in southern Washington State. They selected BEC 7402 routers to support their Internet services since 2007. Scatter Creek InfoNet leverages BECentral® as the tool for monitoring and managing their subscriber’s modems and services. From the BECentral® portal, they were able to identify each customer’s IP address, DSL connection data, and wireless information. This information helps support an operation that ensures highest customer satisfaction. Scatter Creek InfoNet plans to further expand the usage of BECentral® to be a part of their customer operations.

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